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PLi is searching for a new Associate to join its team to support with both the Lead with Humanity account and strategy work. The role provides a mix of exposure to leadership development and coaching, as well as, the strategic journey of various organisations. Applicants need to have a minimum of 3 years experience, an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate qualification. The role is based in Johannesburg. If you would like further information or to apply for this role, please contact Victoria at

PLi Associate Role

PLi Administration

  • Attend all strategic sessions and take real-time detailed notes in powerpoint.
  • Attend / Contribute to all pre / post strategic meetings / proposals.
  • Consolidate output immediately – Day 1 output needs to be ready for Day 2 morning session.
  • Review and send the output of meetings to clients within 24 hours of the session.
  • Use initiative / take pride in the quality of outputs in terms of both its content and presentation.
  • Consolidate monthly follow-ups, taking all clients into account.
  • Use Apple Mac as the role requires the ability to use both Keynote and Powerpoint for presentations. Imagination, initiative and quality in presentations valued.
  • Content management / social network on PLi strategic portals.

Lead with Humanity Administration

  • Attend / Contribute to / Minute all Lead with Humanity meetings.
  • Organise all administrative requirements before each Leading with Humanity / Essence of Leadership programme.
    • Confirm accommodation with each venue.
    • Ensure there are sufficient caps / bags / journals / bag tags / USB devices / pens for each delegate. If not, engage with existing suppliers to buy new stock.
    • Collate all documents covered in the programme from Facilitators and print copies for each delegate. Place an electronic copy of each document on the USB devices.
  • Nurture relationships with key partners (Mick Fynn / Steve Hall / Sue Schreuder / Jeff Thomas).
  • Project Manage / Follow Up on the utilisation of ‘Fines’ money for Community Contribution projects.
  • Manage the Lead with Humanity website, providing updates when required.
  • Maintain the Lead with Humanity mailing list, providing past delegates with updates.
  • Organise any events related to marketing Lead with Humanity.
  • Opportunity to grow leadership development and coaching skills within the Lead with Humanity team.

Relationship Management

  • Interpersonal skills are critical – need to like people and have the ability to engage.
  • Be equally comfortable with big groups and one-on-one.
  • Relationship forming with clients at all levels in the organisation, from the Chairman to the ‘tea lady’.
  • Intelligent contribution to conversations.
  • Can’t be ‘precious’ and need to be comfortable to be on own in discussion.


  • Contribute to discussion in strategic meetings.
  • Take on presentation opportunities where comfortable.
  • Pick element of PLi / Lead with Humanity process – lead / facilitate part of process.
  • Market PLi and Lead with Humanity to potential new clients.

Nature of Role

  • Manage own time – there are times of frenetic pace coupled with extended quieter times.
  • Self-starter – value add is critical to the ‘quality consulting’ experience.
  • Must be excited and energised by the strategic and leadership development of clients – how do we add value.
  • Job can be done by doing basics to reduce pressure on PJL; however consulting is about going extra mile – continuously giving the clients a sense of the unexpected / wow / this is ‘expensive’ but worth it.
  • It is not a job but rather a way of life – contributing to organisations at both the highest level as well as at the very basics.
  • Must love travel – drop of a hat / mobility.
  • Not a lot of weekend work – occasionally.
  • Confidentiality non-negotiable – plenty of market sensitive / people sensitive discussions in strategic sessions.
  • Confidante to PJL – provide support / encouragement / feedback continuously.

Structure of the Role

  • PLi will require the Associate to register their own company, which PLi will contract in to perform the Associate role. Remuneration is either in the form of a fixed monthly amount, or indexed to the amount of work undertaken. This is negotiable.
  • PLi is very happy for Associate to have other clients, although PLi would insist on being the core client – owing to volume of time anticipated. It would be ideal if other clients could largely be handled remotely.
  • Associate would ‘work from home’ – ie. PLi does not have formal office. Most of the time is spent with clients / outside venues.
  • Working hours / leave / other benefits are at the Associate’s discretion. PLi does not provide any benefits.


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