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Five scenarios for 2050

The below information and video was recently put together by global logistics giant DHL at the launch of their major study into the future and the role of logistics in the world 2050.  DHL put together 5 scenarios for what the future of the world could look like in 2050.  They have a dedicated website for their study: The full 182-page scenario write up can be downloaded as a PDF here, download the five page summary here or read the launch press release (and download the free resources).

The 5 Scenarios are:

1: Untamed Economy – Impending Collapse (this is the current world continued for another four decades, as we use up our natural resources and mess up the planet)
2. Megaefficiency in Megacities (this is a grand vision for “green” cities and a nearly completely urbanised world)
3. Customized Lifestyles (individualization and personalized consumption are pervasive – a technology driven vision of the future)
4. Paralyzing Protectionism (globalisation collapses, war and decay dominate)
5. Global Resilience – Local Adaptation (a scenario dominated by climate related changes, where mitigating vulnerability is the primary driver)


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