The PLi Promise

Peter Laburn International is a strategic change consultancy, with over two decades of experience in facilitating strategic leadership and cultural change programs for leading organisations. PLi’s style and approach is extremely consultative, being tailor made for the organisation rather than prescriptive.

Working in partnership with the clients’ team, PLi’s team of highly skilled facilitators bring vast experience, both in line management positions in major organisations, as well as extensive consulting experience.

The values of PLi are integral to how we conduct our consulting process and outputs. The PLi values are:

  • Serve life – people, situations and tasks
  • Chance favours the prepared mind
  • Imagination will take you everywhere
  • Enable more leaders, not more followers
  • Without passion, we’re a latent force
  • Be there fully

We place huge value on being there presently and fully.

*With acknowledgement to Louis Pasteur, Ralph Nader, Georg Hegel, Alvin Toffler