PLi are specialists in unlocking strategic thinking and facilitating strategy processes.  Founded in 1991, it has over the past 20 years consulted to more than 100 organizations in 4 continents.


Our strength is in enabling leaders and their organizations to think strategically in an increasingly complex world.  Specifically to

  • See and understand the changing world through new eyes
  • Recognize the implications of the ongoing turbulence
  • Focus strongly on the opportunities the changing world offers
  • Develop strategies that ensure renewal, growth and sustainability
  • Build capabilities to deliver future effectiveness


Our approach is based on 3 core foundations. It must be

  • Based by the organization’s ‘roots’, not by the fruits it seeks
  • People initiated, developed and driven
  • Strategic, medium to long term and sustainable

We focus on future effectiveness not on benchmarking current best practice. Our approach it to facilitate clients thinking, not to prescribe solutions. We acknowledge that we do not have all the right answers – usually our clients do, and our role is to help unlock them.

Our style is built on partnership and mutual trust. Strategic change is by definition a long on-going process.  We seek genuine partnerships with clients, transferring our skills to them thereby building a strong strategic capability within them, and enhancing their future sustainability. We seek to make a real difference in the lives of our clients.